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HabitSeed will help you change any habit you ever thought of changing. We created HabitSeed through our own experiences and got together to share these learnings in one app with you.

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Change your habits!

👤 🕔 December 28, 2011 2

So you want to change a habit? I’ll help you, you help me. Because, me and the team @fluidmobile create a habit change app called “habitseed” and I need some early feedback.

You will not have to pay anything, that was only to make sure that you would have bought an app if it promised to help you.

Why? Because we can change habits and we proved it.

My Story short:
I stoped drinking alcohol last year in December. Stoped smoking in Dec too. What began as a tough challenge turned into: Early wake up. Meditation. No sugar. No meat. WTF? Less fun?! Ya, kind of. But I like to be clear and in control.

I’m like my own Guinea Pig. What about you?

  1. El
    7. April 2013 at 10:29 PM

    For Habit Seed app used in an iPod Touch– I like the concept of your app. and the quiet, positive way it works.

    You say that one can set up one’s own habit to change. What are the steps to set this up?

    It does not show the steps that one can take to do this and there’s no Help section in it to find out. Thanks for replying ASAP. I would like to begin to use it this week.


    • sk
      8. April 2013 at 6:27 AM

      Hey El,

      I have send you an email with a screenshot of how to add a custom habit. I think we need to improve the user interface here. Basically you just need to the the “+” in the habit selection screen and you can enter your own habit.

      Thank you so much for using our app.



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